I’m Dreaming of a Spa Day…

I’ve never been to a spa. There. I’ve said it. I do really, really want to visit a spa though. I dream of being pampered, massaged and feeling refreshed. I thought I’d comple a list of ten things I’d love to do at a spa…

  1. Have a back and neck massage – I have back and neck problems, so being able to relax while my pain is massaged away sounds perfect to me right about now. Plus, I’ve never had one.
  2. A facial – glowing, healthy skin is a must have and a facial is just the right way to achieve it!
  3. Have a head massage – Oh I LOVE having my hair played with and my scalp being massaged. It’s dreamy and will make me fall into deep relaxation in seconds. To have this for a full 30 minutes? The dream.
  4. Eat healthy, good food – A day at the spa isn’t complete (I imagine), without some good food. Strawberries, champagne, a lovely salad? It will compliment the day very well!
  5. Have my nails done – A fresh manicure always makes me feel more put together and makes me feel more confident, plus it’s nice to be pampered.
  6. Spend time chatting with my mum, whilst watching her be pampered. I love my mum, she means the world to me and watching her relax and feel good about herself, makes me feel the same way. No spa trip would feel the same without her by my side!
  7. Full body exfoliation – Soft skin? Yes please.
  8. Body Wrap – Wrapping myself full of moisture and leaving with hydrated skin is a must for any spa day.
  9. Get my hair done – A good blowdry is extremely relaxing and feels so good.
  10. Read a good book by the pool – I love to read, and having a break in between treatments relaxing by the pool is a great way to spend you time at the spa.

What treatments would you like to try at the spa, and who would you take with you?

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*This post was kindly sponsored by Ellisons. All opinions and words are my own*

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