Office Yoga | How To Exercise At Work

Working from an office, from home or anywhere you’re slouched over a desk for most of the day is detrimental to your posture and muscles. It’s not only at work, either. My whole life has been slouched over a desk. School, Sixth Form, College and now whenever I’m writing on this blog or working from home. My posture is affected greatly and I look so much shorter because I just don’t stand up straight!

Having the correct office furniture is a must, ensuring it is ergonomic and that it will minimise the risk of RSI, sore muscles and general stiffness. Yoga can greatly help your posture and making sure you’re stretching your muscles, it’s something I’ve wanted to take up for a long time (but I just haven’t got around to). Well there’s now a thing called Office Yoga, who knew?!

Getting your whole office involved won’t be so hard when you’re not complaining of a sore neck anymore and boasting about your improvements. I imagine soon they’ll all be doing it!

I’m absolutely going to be giving this a try, I really need to sort out my posture and as I write this I’ve given a conscious effort to keep my back up straight and sort myself out!

Not only is office yoga great for the posture, it’s also great for keeping fit and active while you’re at work. It’s hard to fit in the gym daily when you’re 9-5, morning? Too early. Evening? Too tired. This way you can exercise at work whenever you feel like it.

Do you want to try this? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned on my Twitter because I’ll update you all on how I find it!

*This is a collaborative post*

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