I Need To Stop Body Shaming… Myself

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I’ve said that in 2016 I want to write posts that are more personal, and really claim  this blog as my own. So, here it is.

Why is it that when I see people commenting on other’s bodies I get so offended? ‘She’s too skinny, she needs to eat more.’ ‘He’s so fat, why doesn’t he just lose weight?’ ‘Her boobs are too big.’ ‘She needs a nose job.’ ‘She got her lips done? She MUST be attention seeking.’ Why does this disgust me so much, yet I will happily do it to myself? The constant self scrutiny is only making myself develop an unhealthy attitude about my body. I’d be happy to get fillers in my lips, breast implants and lose a few pounds, but why? I tell myself it’s for my own personal gain but is it really? Will my life change THAT much if I get those things? Probably not. I completely understand that others get these things for their own personal reasons, may it be body dysmorphia or purely because they just want to. I think that’s amazing, go for it. But for me? That’s probably not where these issues lie.

Growing up, I was constantly told I was beautiful. All of the time. It made my self confidence sky rocket and I truly believe it, I am beautiful. I love myself, just like everyone should. However I started getting called vain, self absorbed, that I’m ‘stuck up’ and that really hit my confidence. I started taking it out in myself. I told myself I needed to change to fit society standards of beauty. I was allowed to be pretty, but I wasn’t allowed to know it. As I was born with a facial disfigurement, I underwent a lot of surgery as a child and now I look totally different. I’m healthy, happy, free from pain. From the outside, my life probably looks like a pretty little picture of Instagram photos all neatly edited and posted. That’s not true. We all know that, everyone is like that, but does it matter?

This year, I want to STOP telling myself I’m fat, that my body isn’t nice, that I wish my hair was nicer or my makeup looked better. Who cares of my eye waters and my eyeliner smudges? Who cares if my hair has gone frizzy and flat. I don’t. So why do I care what others think of myself so much? I want to embrace life and start taking more opportunities to better my future and STOP WORRYING WHAT I LOOK LIKE ALL OF THE TIME. Stop putting myself down. SAY something when I see someone else being shamed for this. I don’t care what other people wear, why should they care about me?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always care that I’m dressed and presented nice, but I just need to stop obsessing so much. I need to stop letting what I look like dictate my life choices and how I feel about myself. I need to stop telling myself I’m not good enough because of the way I look. And if you do this too, so do you.

Here’s to a new start, 2016. Let’s all try our hardest to love ourselves and stop body shaming ourselves. Your body does not define you.



  1. January 4, 2016 / 9:55 pm

    This post is so true! Here’s hoping you manage to gain more confidence with your beautiful self and ignore people who put you down for being confident!

    Holly x

  2. January 5, 2016 / 8:37 am

    Yes Katie!! All of this is so true and it’s very brave of you to admit these things about yourself! It’s also the first step to achieving your goals 🙂 good luck xx

  3. January 14, 2016 / 12:54 am

    This is so so so amazing. I love this post. I definitely agree with you and I am so guilty of doing the exact same things to myself. I put myself down, talk down about my body/looks, and make myself feel like crap. I’ve always had issues with my looks and self-esteem when it comes to it. Here’s to a new 2016!

    xo, Kimberly

  4. January 29, 2016 / 11:10 pm

    It’s so true yet we are our own worst critics. I’m with you, let’s stop.

  5. January 29, 2016 / 11:22 pm

    I spent many years self-harming because I didn’t feel good enough for society I am now 36 with 6 children and still have to fight anorexia because of being called fat at school – Can I add I have never weighed over 8 stone my entire life yet those girls made me feel worthless – confidence is the best outfit a girl can wear

  6. January 30, 2016 / 9:03 am

    Great post. Guilty of body shaming myself. I do want to try to gain more confidence this year!

  7. January 30, 2016 / 10:54 am

    I totally get what you’re saying in this post Katie! I am so guilty of shaming my own body, it something I’m trying to work on!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. January 30, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    It is so easy for us to shame our own bodies! We never seem to take our own advice.

  9. January 30, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    This is totally true. I am completely the same myself, I never look in the mirror and like what I see and I always pick up the negatives when I’d never do that to a stranger/ someone else x

  10. January 30, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    Amen. I think 2016 should be the year that women start to value their bodies more and be thankful for who we are. However, it can be a lot easier said than done.

  11. January 30, 2016 / 9:41 pm

    Wow Kate you have been through so much I am sorry that society tried to take your confidence away but just by writing your post you have proved that you still believe in yourself and there is nothing they can do about it. It disgusts me that society makes us feel like this, I was the opposite of you, I was always told I was ugly even to this day I get a lot of hate about the way I look and psychologically it really made me hate the way I looked and how my body looked to be quite frank naked. I can’t stand being so skinny and have had people call me anorexic and that I look like a bag of bones but I have always been naturally petite and with ill health it has prolonged that. I hope you love your body again and I hope that I conquer my body demons and stop viewing it in a negative light.

  12. January 31, 2016 / 6:40 am

    So true. This year I’ve set myself a goal to stop wearing cosmetics (I’m down to mascara only as it is) because it bothers me that society feels I should have to paint myself every day to look acceptable enough to go out in public. I had this young ignorant Mum tell me once that I’d look really pretty if I wore a bit of make up. It’s a form of body shaming too and I will not be having it!

  13. Tara | C&CO.
    January 31, 2016 / 9:45 am

    It takes years for women to un-learn what’s been taught to us. It’s so hard to love your body when so many people don’t want us to. You’ll get there <3

  14. February 1, 2016 / 2:51 pm

    This is a great post, I think a lot of us body shame ourselves – I certainly do!

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