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It’s hard to trust people, especially with your brows. I have trust issues with anyone touching my brows after they were threaded to death. I was left with barely any brows and it took me a long time to grow them back, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I like to have neat brows constantly, never a hair out of place, so growing them out was a huge annoyance because I never felt like they looked right.

I met Jag at the Supercut Newcastle event and she threaded and waxed my brows for me. I loved them, she knew the shape that I was going for. Jag explained that I have many fair hairs that will take to brow tinting and will make my brows look fuller and will enable me to get more of the shape I wanted. I like an arched brow, very defined and full. I’m not a fan of the thin brow with no shape, I don’t feel as though it compliments my face shape and especially with having dark hair now, I like them to be full.

At Jags Beauty, located inside of Supercuts in Eldon Square, it is £15 for a brow tint and thread. Jag prefers to thread and wax to get the perfect shape, I don’t mind either. The value for money is insane, at Superdrug it is £8 for threading alone and no way will I ever achieve the shape or definition that Jag gets my brows!

Here’s a before and after…

Before Brows After Brows

They look much thicker, fuller and defined instantly. From start to finish it took about 10-15 minutes, with the tint on. I never want to go anywhere else for my brows and nails now, Jag is a master at what she does.

Not only is she a master, she is such a lovely person and it’s always a delight to have a chat with her while I’m getting my brows and nails done!

Jags Nails

Other services that Jag offers are;

  • Gel Nails
  • Gel Toes
  • Cluster Lashes
  • Manicures

Bookings and walk-ins are welcome, which is fab because that really caters for everyone!


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  1. November 24, 2016 / 2:11 pm

    Looks good! I always recommend people getting their brows fixed on a professional. It’s just so much easier and after that it’s easy to maintain them at home. I get my brows done too – if I pluck them myself I feel like I pluck them too much. I need a fresh set of eyes to see my brows and fix them haha!

    x Charlotta /

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