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The lovely Stagecoach invited me to a blogger event to celebrate the launch of their new App. Filled with cocktails and spray paint – it was an event unlike any other! It was hosted at Jalou, a place I’ve wanted to try for ages. Can you believe I’d never been? Naturally, I ordered the Cookie Monster to try…


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Armed with spray paint, glitter and crafty bits and bobs, the cocktail had got my creative juices flowing and it was time to decorate my phone case. I thought I’d go for something simple and cute. Pink with gold glitter and hell, even my initials. I failed. I’m not very good with this sort of stuff, with my sister getting most of the creative gene. If she was here, she’d have made a fantastic case but for my efforts, they were poor. Although it didn’t look TOO bad! I loved the colour.

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Getting public transport has never been easier, the information at our fingertips is limitless and now – finally we can check how long the bus is going to be from our phone! I wish they had this at school, maybe then I wouldn’t have missed it so many times… I do enjoy getting the bus, but I’m not very confident with it as I’m never sure where to get it from, how many stops it takes or how much it’s going to cost. So this app is great for me, I can see where I’m going and not only that, but it’s given me a whole new life of confidence that the Metro can’t reach!





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