How Well Do You Know Your Neighbours?*

I have been living in my area for around 10 years now and to be honest, I only know a few of the neighbours in my street. It’s sad but to be honest, I do not really get much opportunity to see many people due to how busy I am. I think the only neighbours that I recognise and say hello too would be my next door neighbours and a few houses either side. I do say hello and make small talk in the street, but it rarely ever goes beyond that.

It’s nice to think we have lovely neighbours as I couldn’t imagine having awful people living next to me, so I feel thankful that we live where we do.  It would be lovely if we all had the opportunity to get to know each other more, maybe with over a BBQ (any excuse for some new garden furniture and good food!) It would be a really nice atmosphere if this was to happen and it just connects people together and brings a sense of warmth and community to our street.

We have trusting neighbours and it is good to know that they would look out for our home if they thought we were out or on holiday. All in all, maybe if society had more interaction with garden invites, we might just get to know who we live next too, their stories in life and a greater connection to society.

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