IPL Treatment 1 & 2: Does IPL Hurt? Does IPL Work? Your Questions Answered.

Being dark-haired, shaving has always been an issue for me. My hair grows back the day after I’ve shaved it and I really don’t feel like waxing. IPL was something I wanted to try for an extremely long time, I wrote an introduction to IPL HERE. I discuss the difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal, and how I’ve come about the opportunity to review it.

Now, I’ve had two sessions and it’s been a few weeks since my second appointment. The reason why I didn’t write this sooner because I wanted to get a better view of how the hair growth is and how frequently I need to shave.

I’ll start by explaining the process, I’m getting the treatment done on my underarms to start off with and I plan to progress to other areas. I chose my underarms because it’s the area that I struggle with most, and that’s most often on show.

The treatment doesn’t take long, roughly about ten minutes or (usually) less. It’s virtually pain-free, I’m the most sensitive person ever so I do feel a little bit, but it’s not as bad as waxing/threading etc. Definitely bearable and nothing to be worried about.

Honestly? I don’t have anything negative to say about IPL. I think it’s the best way for long term hair removal. The finish is much smoother and you don’t have to deal with razor burn, stubble, ingrown hairs or anything horrible that comes with shaving, waxing and hair removal cream.

I know it’s a big step to take, to decide you want hair removed *forever* but I think in the long term and if it’s something you want, it’s entirely worth it. Let’s break it down.

Say, you spend £10 a month on razors (not including shaving foam etc), and you’ve got 50 years of your life left. That’s £120 a year. £6000 in 50 years. Honestly, I think that’s a horrendous amount of money and a LOT of razors. You can spread the cost of your treatment of IPL and pay monthly, so it’s much easier to pay therefore much more cost effective. It’s not going to cost £6k to get IPL on your underarms, bikini line and legs (and anywhere else you may want it).

I thought I’d take the chance to answer some questions I’ve been asked a lot.

Can you shave in between treatments?
Yes you can! Although you cannot wax, but shaving anywhere is fine.

Does it work on blonde hair?
Unfortunately, IPL does not work on blonde hair the same way it does on darker hair colours.

Does it work?
Absolutely! After two sessions I have noticed a huge difference, I barely grow any hair any more and even when I do, it’s not as dark or coarse. It’s absolutely a lot softer and I’m so thrilled to see results so quickly.

Is it worth it?
Absolutely it is worth it, if you know you’ll want the hair gone forever, I can’t recommend it enough.

Is it safe?
100% safe!

What are your thoughts on IPL hair removal? Is it something you’ve thought about?

If it’s something you’re interested in and you are North East based, I’d highly, highly suggest Aspen Salon in Stannington. Lorna is wonderful and truly knows what she’s talking about. The customer service is always amazing and I really trust having this treatment done by her. Drop me a tweet/email/message if you’re planning on going as I can send you a little card with £10 off your first treatment!




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