IPL Hair Removal Session 4. Is IPL Hair Removal Working?


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If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’ll know that I’ve been undergoing IPL Hair Removal and I’ve just had my fourth session. I didn’t think I’d notice such a huge difference so quickly, but I really am. The hair is growing a LOT less and I bearly have to shave as much. The annoying stubble is gone and instead, I’m left with soft, fluffy hair.

At the start, I did feel some pain but I feel it less and less now. It’s virtually painless. If pain IS something you’re worried about, you really shouldn’t be. It isn’t even something that crosses my mind when I get it done. When they say a small elastic band type ping, it really is less than that! I tell you, it hurts a LOT more burning your hand on the hair straightener. We’ve all been there.

It truly does help to get a trusted therapist to carry out your IPL. Lorna at Aspen Hair and Beauty in Stannington, Morpeth is truly amazing at what she does. I trust her to always carry out her best work and ensure everything is perfect. Customer service is second to none and I’d never go anywhere else!

You can find Lorna and her Salon at

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Call Aspen on 01670 785711 if you’d like to book a free patch test and discuss pricing. Other services available include waxing, acne treatment and thread vein treatment. Check out the website for more.



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