The Lip Lowdown

As any makeup lover knows that your lips are an essential part of finish off a makeup look. It can make or break your makeup look and I love experimenting with different lip colours, finishes and textures.

Making sure our lips not only look good but also feel good is super vital. It’s a sad fact that our lips can often get overlooked when we are doing our facial care routine. We have a special cleanser for our eye makeup as it’s such a delicate area. But we rarely afford such luxuries to our lips apart from maybe a little bit of lip balm here and there. However, it’s important that we take care of all of lips, as much as any other on our face. In particular, our lips can be susceptible to cracking and flaking and even to things such as cold sores. We’ve all been there with horribly chapped lips in the winter! Exfoliation is key. I tend to regularly buff your lips with an old toothbrush to remove the dead skin or mix olive oil and brown sugar together to create a cheap exfoliator at home that you can just lick off! As well as using a moisturising and protective UVA lip balm to keep them as soft and kissable as possible.

If you think of makeup, I bet lipstick pops into your head first. Matching your lip colour to your outfit is a great way to match everything up, but ensuring that you’re wearing the right undertone for your complexion is a huge factor on why lipstick looks good, or not. You can read more about here. You should also choose the finish carefully, depending on the health of your lips as

You should also choose the finish carefully, depending on the health of your lips as matte lipsticks look amazing on healthy lips, but they do have a tendency to show cracked and flaked on lips that aren’t in tip-top form. My favourite is a really glossy lip colour, it looks healthy and plumps my average lips.

A huge trend for a while now is to make them appear larger than they are naturally. I’ve been thinking about lip fillers actually, I think they are something I’d like to try but I’m not really too sure.

One way is to overline your lips. This is when you use a lip lining pencil to draw the outline of your lips on, outside the natural line. Then you fill this space in with lipstick, and it looks as if your lips are large and luscious. Of course, it does take a bit of practice to get right, as you can see from these online tutorials.

However, if you are a bit makeup challenged you may want to opt for a solution like lip fillers instead like I said. As these enable you to get the look without having to set aside three hours for makeup artistry every morning! 

Now you might be thinking, why talk about teeth in a post about lips? Well, it’s because they actually can have an effect on each other.  Obviously, if you have issues with your teeth, then this might end up affecting how your lips sit or look. Then you would need to visit a dentist to have any cracks or crookedness resolved.  I can’t wait to get my teeth fixed. I have a whole post coming soon about my jaw/teeth/bite. I’ll update you all soon.

But also the lipstick that you wear can have an effect on how white your teeth look. You need to use ones that are made with a blue base, rather an that each one. As peach ones can make your teeth seem yellow. That means pinks and reds work well. Just make sure that they are the cooler ones like the true fire engine red shades – my favourite!

Hope you liked my post on how to get the most out of your pretty lips, speak soon!

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