Beau Belle Brushes

With every great makeup artist comes a great set of brushes. The tool of the trade. You can’t achieve a great smokey eye without the perfect blending brush, or the most flush cheeks without a blush brush that *just* fits the apple of your cheeks just right.

Beau Belle has been sweeping Instagram a lot lately, I’m sure you’ve seen these beautiful brushes already. With their copper handles and monochrome bristles, it’s every blogger’s dream. Not only are they beautiful, but they really do the job well. Fluffy, sturdy and the right size.

The set I was sent is the Metallic Sculpting Set, which contains four brushes to get the perfectly contoured face. Now, I don’t contour all that often but when I do, it’s lovely to know I have the right brushes to get the perfectly blended contour. I’m not about that harsh, unblended life. The sculpting brush is perfect for buffing out cream contour. The flat top and angled contour brushes are great for applying powder too. The powder brush blends it together nicely.

Now, I do like these brushes – don’t get me wrong. The set of four is £35 which I think is a okay price, however, I do prefer my Spectrum brushes. You can get the Contour Queen 4 Piece Contour Set for £35 – the same price point. This set hasn’t been the most used of mine, my favourite brush set so far being the Juvias Place brushes. I know they’re not readily available in the UK, but I have the 10 piece brush set that retails for $55 and I got at IMATS for $35. They are amazing brushes, truly worth every penny. Beauty Bay now stock Juvias Place so you can get the 5 Piece Brush Set in Light Pink. I’ll be getting these soon but I do hope they stock more of their brushes, as they are brilliant quality for such a low price point. Anyway, I’m not reviewing those brushes am I. I’ll get into them more in a different blog post…

So in all, the Beau Belle brushes ARE good. They’re not mind blowingly good and I do believe the reason why they’re so popular is A) The company are sending them out to a lot of bloggers (no shade, just trying to bring you all the truth) and B) They’re copper, and everyone is into that trend at the moment. It was rather hard for me to fully test these because I wasn’t given a foundation brush, nor any eye brushes which I find are the best way to truly test makeup brushes. I barely contour, so it’s quite difficult to give such an informed decision. They are soft and do the job, but for the price point, I think you’re better off looking elsewhere for higher quality.

Do you have these brushes, what do you think?


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