Is IPL Hair Removal Permanent? Session 5.

Hi everyone! A little update to my IPL Hair Removal series. I wanted to chat to you all today to not only update you, but talk to you a little bit about whether or not IPL is permanent.

Well, if you recall from the last blog post, I’ve been noticing a huge difference. My hair hasn’t fully stopped growing yet under my arms but there are definitely patches that aren’t growing anymore. It takes about a week for the hair to grow back in and I definitely only need to shave once a week.

Now, for some people, it can take just 6 sessions to completely remove the hair but I think it’s looking likely I’ll need possibly the 9 sessions – so I’ll keep posting updates letting you all know how I get on!

So, is it permanent? YES! I can really see a huge drastic change in hair growth now. I’m really glad I continued on and I look forward to finishing the treatment.

Not that much to say this month! Next month is the 6 month check up, so I’ll let you all know how that goes and if I see any difference.

Still, throughout the course of the treatment, you mustn’t wax or tweeze the area. Shaving only. I really wouldn’t need to wax though – which is great!

I have been getting my treatment at Aspen Hair and Beauty Salon in Stannington, Northumberland.

You can find Lorna and her Salon at

Church Road

Call Aspen on 01670 785711 if you’d like to book a free patch test and discuss pricing. Other services available include waxing, acne treatment and thread vein treatment. Check out the website for more.




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