Summer Scents with The Body Shop

Although the weather might not reflect it, summer is upon us. My beauty routine is definitely reflecting that! My skin is dewy, my lips are bright and my highlight is glowing. I like every part of my beauty routine to reflect the season I’m in and this year I’ve been looking after my body using these two beautiful gift sets from The Body Shop.

Both the Piñita Colada Gift Set (Piñita Colada Shower Gel 250ml, Piñita Colada Body Butter 50ml_
and Virgin Mojito Treats (Virgin Mojito Shower Gel 60ml, Virgin Mojito Body Scrub 50ml, Virgin Mojito Body Butter 50ml) gift sets are perfect for gifts for a birthday or simply treat yourself two. With two refreshing scents, they’re perfect for waking your senses in your morning shower! Not only do they remind me of being on a beach in Spain, they also are super fresh and full of scent – so I smell so good after I’ve used them!

I give the Piñita Colada body butter to my Mum to take on holiday with her as it was the perfect size to travel with. She really loved it! The Body Shop’s body butters are a staple product. If you don’t know how good they are by now, where have you been?!

Make your summer a little fruitier and indulge in some great products. Let’s take our mind off this awful weather, yeah?



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