Beautiful Lingerie, Dealing with Being Single on Valentine’s Day and How To Pick Out Underwear For Your Girlfriend.

There’s only one bit of continuity in my life, I’m always single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve given up hope of someone else making me happy and decided it’s time I invest in MYSELF. Time, money and self-love. All a gal really needs. I don’t need anyone else but myself to make me happy, so when the opportunity presented itself to show you all some lovely lingerie from John Lewis, I didn’t want to pass it up just because I’m *forever alone*.

Bluebella Lyra Lace ThongBluebella Lyra Soft Cup Lace BraBluebella Gabriella ThongBluebella Gabriella Bra

I was asked to get my partner to pick out some underwear for me this valentines┬áday, but you know… I chose it for myself instead. Which means not only is it BEAUTIFUL but it will be a staple in my wardrobe. I now will feel like I have my life together because I have two sets of beautifully practical sets underwear. There’s no confidence like it. I picked two Bluebella sets, the Gabriella and the Lyla set. As you can see, the two are very different. Gabriella gives my bust a little bit of a lift and is a high waisted brief, yet the Lyra is a soft bralette with a low rise bottom. They are both very different and I am in love with them both. Not only do they look beautiful on, but they are super comfortable to wear. I love the attention to detail on both sets, the lace is intricate and subtle. Gabriella (the black set) has lovely flower detailing and isn’t as revealing as you’d expect.

Bluebella is one of those brands I constantly stalk in Instagram and think to myself ‘one day I’ll treat myself to some cute bits’ – so I was so happy to see that John Lewis stocked them! Naturally, I gravitated towards them but there are also lots of other brands too, like Fantasie, And/Or and Freya. Lots of great brands with some beautiful lingerie, not just bras and knickers but also some super sexy fancy bits and nightwear. Such gorgeous pieces!

So. Let’s talk bodies for a little bit. I’m not particularly fond of mine at the minute but I’m trying to embrace it anyway and learn to love who I am. I don’t have the biggest boobs (I mean, who doesn’t wish theirs were bigger/rounder/perkier?) and I’m still carrying some Christmas Chub. Ok I’ll stop lying to myself. It’s not Christmas chub. Just chub. Choosing the perfect underwear can be pretty difficult, especially for me. I struggle with what looks good, what is comfortable but also compliments my shape nicely. So god knows how hard it must be for guys to buy underwear for their girlfriend. Luckily, John Lewis put together this handy guide on Lingerie Buying Tips for Men. Check it out and maybe slyly text this blog post to your SO to hint for some new underwear. I wonder what a man would pick if they were given the reigns…

That’s why I think splurging a little extra and getting underwear that makes you feel sexy is a MUST. It can rocket your confidence and make you feel amazing. I’m so happy with the two sets that I chose and they make me feel beautiful. So thank you Bluebella, for restoring my confidence in my body.

So, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t all that bad. Treat yourself to some new underwear, buy yourself a bunch of flowers and sit and invite your friends over for a night of wine and chocolate. Spend V-Day with people who you love, not just someone you’re IN love with.

Speak soon!

Bluebella Lyra Lace ThongBluebella Lyra Soft Cup Lace BraBluebella Gabriella ThongBluebella Gabriella Bra