How I’m Preparing For Summer 2018

Summer is looming and it will creep up on us before we even realise it’s here. It feels like we’ve been waiting for years in the UK as the weather has been dreadful. Snowstorms in March? No thank you. Bring the sun, please. I miss the days where I could walk home at 6pm and actually see where I’m going, or actually wanting to take a brisk stroll in the sunshine. Summer just makes me smile a little wider and walk a little more confidently.

Every year there are certain preparations that take place so I know I’m ready for whatever summer may throw at me. Summer is the time for spontaneous plans so I like to make sure I’m ready. Fruity ciders in beer gardens and outdoor gigs are aplenty. From dresses to skincare, I’m going to talk you through everything I do to get ready for the warmer weather.

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Trends change as seasons go by, which ultimately means we end up buying new clothes every year. A total nightmare for the bank balance but we secretly love it. Every year I try to invest in some key pieces like a good pair of denim shorts, sandals, sunglasses and skirts. I usually just head to Primark, New Look and Matalan for my tops because I hate spending a bomb on such little material. I absolutely adore summer dresses too, they’re fun and easy to throw on and make a full outfit. Bright colours, bold prints and floaty skirts are my go-to. I tend to use Latest Deals, a website where you can browse some amazing deals and includes Topshop, Matalan, New Look, Oasis and more. I’ve been finding some amazing bargains on there so it’s worth a little peep for your holiday box. In particular, I love this Pink number from Miss Selfridge reduced to £5. I mean, what?! This Lace Up Topshop dress too. I really want it!

Sun damage is a huge reason why our skin ages and gets damaged, finding an sunscreen that will protect your face but also sit well with makeup is mega important for me. In previous years I always thought that the SPF in my makeup would do, but after watching this video by Wayne Goss, (my favourite YouTuber and makeup guru) it’s made me realise I should really buy a facial SPF that will actually protect my skin. The sun catches you even when you think it isn’t. Check out his video on his favourite sunscreens, I’ll be purchasing one of those for sure!

A new lip colour is always on the agenda for summer. I love my bright pinks, reds and oranges for the summer paired with a simple cat eye or a pair of sunglasses. They make any outfit pop and I love being able to experiment with colour in such an easy and versatile way.

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Changing my hair colour is a big deal for the summer, I have balayage so I like to go even blonder and brighter in the summer. I still haven’t got to my perfect shade of blonde yet so let’s hope I manage to hit that this year. Embarking on a new hair journey can make you feel much more confident, may it be adding a few more layers or completely re-doing the colour.

More beauty prep, I know. But ensuring you have a colourful pedicure is vital. Personally, I find it easy just to get shellac or gel polish on my toes and forget about it for a few weeks. Toe colours take FOREVER to grow out, seriously. So just treat yo self and get gels. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a night out and forgot to paint my toes so at the last minute done a dire job and smudged the lot, forcing my foot into my shoe as I’m leaving the house. I usually opt for a red or pink on my toes!

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Tan. Oh fake tan, how I love to hate you. A comprehensive review of my favourites will be coming up soon because I could talk about them forever, and I really want to do a bloody good review for you all. AKA before and afters, a week check up – the lot. Might take me a while but I’ll get there. Summer is just more effort, fact. Shaving, exfoliating, moisturising and tanning can easily be forgotten about in the winter because who even sees your legs under thick thermal tights?! I do feel better with a banging tan though. All worth it.

Lastly, I make a summer bucket list of everywhere I want to go. This year I hope to go away on holiday, even though I don’t have one planned yet – I bet it will be a last minute job! There’s also plenty of places in the UK I’d love to go to and I have a beautiful beach right at my doorstep, I plan to utilise it more as I’ve neglected it the past few years! I find when I write down everything I want to do, I’m more likely to do it. I always have all of these amazing summer plans and I just end up forgetting about half of the things I want to do and never do them!

This summer is about making memories, enjoying myself and exploring. I vow not to worry about being ‘beach body ready’ and just focus on being happy.


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Beautiful Lingerie, Dealing with Being Single on Valentine’s Day and How To Pick Out Underwear For Your Girlfriend.

There’s only one bit of continuity in my life, I’m always single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve given up hope of someone else making me happy and decided it’s time I invest in MYSELF. Time, money and self-love. All a gal really needs. I don’t need anyone else but myself to make me happy, so when the opportunity presented itself to show you all some lovely lingerie from John Lewis, I didn’t want to pass it up just because I’m *forever alone*.

Bluebella Lyra Lace ThongBluebella Lyra Soft Cup Lace BraBluebella Gabriella ThongBluebella Gabriella Bra

I was asked to get my partner to pick out some underwear for me this valentines day, but you know… I chose it for myself instead. Which means not only is it BEAUTIFUL but it will be a staple in my wardrobe. I now will feel like I have my life together because I have two sets of beautifully practical sets underwear. There’s no confidence like it. I picked two Bluebella sets, the Gabriella and the Lyla set. As you can see, the two are very different. Gabriella gives my bust a little bit of a lift and is a high waisted brief, yet the Lyra is a soft bralette with a low rise bottom. They are both very different and I am in love with them both. Not only do they look beautiful on, but they are super comfortable to wear. I love the attention to detail on both sets, the lace is intricate and subtle. Gabriella (the black set) has lovely flower detailing and isn’t as revealing as you’d expect.

Bluebella is one of those brands I constantly stalk in Instagram and think to myself ‘one day I’ll treat myself to some cute bits’ – so I was so happy to see that John Lewis stocked them! Naturally, I gravitated towards them but there are also lots of other brands too, like Fantasie, And/Or and Freya. Lots of great brands with some beautiful lingerie, not just bras and knickers but also some super sexy fancy bits and nightwear. Such gorgeous pieces!

So. Let’s talk bodies for a little bit. I’m not particularly fond of mine at the minute but I’m trying to embrace it anyway and learn to love who I am. I don’t have the biggest boobs (I mean, who doesn’t wish theirs were bigger/rounder/perkier?) and I’m still carrying some Christmas Chub. Ok I’ll stop lying to myself. It’s not Christmas chub. Just chub. Choosing the perfect underwear can be pretty difficult, especially for me. I struggle with what looks good, what is comfortable but also compliments my shape nicely. So god knows how hard it must be for guys to buy underwear for their girlfriend. Luckily, John Lewis put together this handy guide on Lingerie Buying Tips for Men. Check it out and maybe slyly text this blog post to your SO to hint for some new underwear. I wonder what a man would pick if they were given the reigns…

That’s why I think splurging a little extra and getting underwear that makes you feel sexy is a MUST. It can rocket your confidence and make you feel amazing. I’m so happy with the two sets that I chose and they make me feel beautiful. So thank you Bluebella, for restoring my confidence in my body.

So, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t all that bad. Treat yourself to some new underwear, buy yourself a bunch of flowers and sit and invite your friends over for a night of wine and chocolate. Spend V-Day with people who you love, not just someone you’re IN love with.

Speak soon!

Bluebella Lyra Lace ThongBluebella Lyra Soft Cup Lace BraBluebella Gabriella ThongBluebella Gabriella Bra


2017: My Year In Review

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m back after a little break and a hella lot of babysitting, and ready to smash this year and focus. I love this blog, it’s a way for me to look back on memories of my life and grow. Yet every year I vow to be a little bit more personal and always fail. Personal posts just at the time, feel a little invasive and I find that sometimes the things in my life that happen, aren’t really ready to be plastered all over the Internet. I did, however, want to share with you my 2017. In all of its glory and sadness. It was a tough one, a year I’ll never forget but also a year of some amazing triumphs and career wins.

Let’s start with January. Never have I wished so soon that a year would be over. In January, I lost someone so incredibly important to me. Someone who was such a big part of my life from day one, whom I looked up to and shaped me as a person. The one person I could go to about anything and whom I trusted with my life. I lost her. I remember the time I last saw her and all of the amazing memories we shared. She was taken way too soon and unfortunately, cancer won. My life will never be the same again and I know I’ll always struggle with her loss, but the unconditional love she give me will stay in my heart forever. I love and miss Mandy terribly.

That being said, career-wise I had the best year of my life. I went to London TWICE, Spain and New York. This year, I want to travel so much more and experience the world. I have so many goals I want to achieve and I have to work so hard to get them.

The wonderful Buzzoole invited me to speak at the Youth Marketing Summit in London in March on behalf of Generation Z. Buzzoole is an influencer agency who connect brands and influencers, so if you’re an influencer/blogger/youtube looking for work, head over there and sign up. I met some wonderful people and visited the Deciem store. Which was SUPER cool. I swatched The Ordinary foundations and fell in love. I met Steven Bartlett for the first time, little did I know how involved with Social Chain I’d become that year. Check out the vlogs, they’re amazing. I’m in one of them, but I cringe at myself wayyyy too much.

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Next up, in April I went to NEW YORK! I never ever thought I’d visit NYC and it was easily the best place I’ve ever visited in my life. I really got bit by the bug while I was there because I really didn’t want to leave. I don’t know what it is, but I just felt as though I could do anything, be anyone and achieve my goals. One of my aims for 2018 is to go back and visit some more places. There’s so much my Dad and I would do differently. I had NO idea what to wear whilst I was there and ended up just wearing t-shirts and jeans. That’s SO not me. So all those insta worthy shots I wanted? I just felt awful! Would you like a New York Travel Guide? It’s something I really want to do!

While in New York I visited IMATS. I met Kevin Bennet and Anastasia Soare (you may know her as Anastasia Beverly Hills) and it was a DREAM COME TRUE. I gossiped about YouTubers with Kevin Bennett and Anastasia is a BEAUTY QUEEN. She is classy, beautiful and gorgeous. I also bumped (legit, I randomly bumped into) WINNIE HARLOW in Sephora. Oh yes. THAT supermodel. It was pretty funny as I was just babbling on for ages about how AMAZING and inspirational she is. Then I remembered I’m a Geordie and she probably has absolutely no idea what I’m going on about. I asked her, she didn’t. We laughed, I got a photo and let her shop. I mean, how does this happen to me?!

I’ll do a separate post for New York, it will be up pretty soon. I haven’t really done one yet because I’ve been so busy and to be honest, it was such a personal experience I didn’t really feel like sharing so much of it until now.

My documentary with BBC Three came out. Skin Deep. All about my relationship with makeup and what it means to me. Such a huge achievement and something I never thought I’d be a part of.

Next up? Back to London. I won a competition to visit Dave Lackie in London and attend his dinner. I met some wonderful women and Dave was absolutely lovely. It is a dinner I shall remember forever. Then, easily the highlight of my whole year. Okay, so there’s a little backstory to this one. Do you remember Habbo Hotel? Well… around 10 or so years ago I met a girl through Habbo Hotel and MSN called Emilie. We quickly became friends and at the time, were both into the scene/emo lyf and bonded over a love of Paramore and stupidly layered hair. I was always super jel of her because she had bright hair and was SUPER pretty. Fast forward those 10 years (minus one or two because I made a new Facebook and it took us a while to reconnect) we have become besties. We have so much in common and are always there for each other. I trust her with my life and it was about TIME we met. We’d been talking about it for so long and the stars aligned that she was off work the weekend I was visiting. A few hours later, the train tickets were booked and we were MEETING. When we met, it was like slow motion. We ran and hugged each other. It was INCREDIBLE. Meeting her was like meeting my soul mate, I just love her so much! I can’t wait to see her again this year and spend some time together. Do I hear Spa Weekend?

For a long time, I thought that this blog and my online world would always just be a hobby. I never thought I’d really achieve THAT much and I still get an absolute buzz of excitement when packages come through the door and opportunities land in my inbox. 2017 was the year that the unthinkable happened. An email landed in my inbox that invited me to SPAIN to take part in the Feel Good Drinks campaign aimed to promote body confidence. I was not letting that opportunity pass up but I was hella scared. Flying to a foreign country on my own for the first time, with 100 other women I’ve never met before and jumping into a body of water NAKED?! Madness. I mean, what? A few days before I was complaining that my life was so boring and I wanted to do something exciting. I met some wonderful women that I hope I can see again soon. The older I get, the more friends I make in different parts of the world and it’s a little sad not being able to meet up with them more often.

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The trip was unforgettable, I bonded with some amazing girls and it was the trip of dreams. Ellis, Leah, Sien, Loren, Jess, Mimi, Latifah, Katie and Daisy. Some absolute girl bosses that I love so much! (Click the link on their names to follow them on Instagram!) It was such an amazing time. A few months later I went to Manchester for the reveal of the Feel Good drinks campaign we filmed in Spain and saw all of the girls again.

Of course, one thing I’ve not actually mentioned on my blog but has changed my life monumentally… I GOT BRACES. After years and years of longing for nicer teeth, I was finally put in contact with an orthodontist willing to give me them (of course, it was more complicated than usual). Due to my Cystic Hygroma, it was difficult for me to get them fitted by a standard orthodontist. I do believe everything happens for a reason and I am glad I waited because I fully trust my orthodontist and I have one of the best in the country. My teeth have changed so much already and I’m so much more confident. I’m so lucky to have such fantastic treatment on the NHS.

Another achievement of 2017, my lovely mother nominated me for a Glass Slipper award and I was shortlisted to the top 3 for Young Achiever! So in February, I shall be at the awards ceremony finding out if I won the award. You can read more here:

I also:

  • I visited the Lake District for a few days with my Dad.
  • Spent a tonne of time with my friends and family.
  • Got a new job.
  • Became so confident in myself and really learned to love who I am.
  • Visited the Social Chain offices and felt a little star struck.
  • Made lots of new friends (and lost a few).
  • Went to a tonne of blogging events.
  • Got to my Instagram goal of 20k and managed to create a really good platform for myself
  • Spent a tonne of time with my friends and made so many unforgettable memories.
  • I worked with some of my favourite brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Kiss Lashes, Magnitone, Feel Unique and more.
  • I watched a YouTube channel and one of my videos hit 28,000 views!
  • Met up with Andy White, who was imperative to help raise money so I could have the surgery I needed as a child. It was wonderful meeting him again after all of the years have passed!

Looking back, it’s easy for me to reflect on the year and brush past all of the amazing things that happened because I lost so many loved ones. Not only did I lost my Auntie who raised me, but I also lost an Auntie to MS just a short while ago, and a cousin too. I also learned a lot about friendships and how not everyone has your best interest at heart. Sometimes, people can gang up and spread rumours even though you thought they were your friends. This year, I will learn to keep my circle a little smaller. It has really put my life into perspective and I just want to have a good time, enjoy my life and take every opportunity that comes my way. 2017 was the best and the worst year of my life.

If you got this far, thank you. If you skipped most of it to get to the bottom, well. I mean I don’t blame you. It’s 1,800 words so far.

To every single person who engages with my content, thank you. To the people who support me, thank you. You do not go unnoticed and I would never be in this position without the constant support I am given by so many wonderful people.

To 2018, may it be a year of success for us all.

I love you all lots x