Office Yoga | How To Exercise At Work

Working from an office, from home or anywhere you’re slouched over a desk for most of the day is detrimental to your posture and muscles. It’s not only at work, either. My whole life has been slouched over a desk. School, Sixth Form, College and now whenever I’m writing on this blog or working from home. My posture is affected greatly and I look so much shorter because I just don’t stand up straight!

Having the correct office furniture is a must, ensuring it is ergonomic and that it will minimise the risk of RSI, sore muscles and general stiffness. Yoga can greatly help your posture and making sure you’re stretching your muscles, it’s something I’ve wanted to take up for a long time (but I just haven’t got around to). Well there’s now a thing called Office Yoga, who knew?!

Getting your whole office involved won’t be so hard when you’re not complaining of a sore neck anymore and boasting about your improvements. I imagine soon they’ll all be doing it!

I’m absolutely going to be giving this a try, I really need to sort out my posture and as I write this I’ve given a conscious effort to keep my back up straight and sort myself out!

Not only is office yoga great for the posture, it’s also great for keeping fit and active while you’re at work. It’s hard to fit in the gym daily when you’re 9-5, morning? Too early. Evening? Too tired. This way you can exercise at work whenever you feel like it.

Do you want to try this? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned on my Twitter because I’ll update you all on how I find it!

*This is a collaborative post*

Romance on a Budget: 9 Dates For Under £50

When you are seeking a special night out with your love interest but haven’t the budget to pull out all the stops, don’t fear: I’ve put together a list of cheap date ideas for under £50 that will keep the night far from boring.

A Night at the Theatre

If you are looking to see your most favourite Shakespearian production but don’t have the cash to do so, no fear: many theatres offer a standing room option that won’t run you over a fiver per person. Keep things classy by visiting the National Theatre in London to opt in on this great deal!

Lunch in the Park

It is no surprise that taking your date out to the park has made it to the list. Nature lover or not, there is bound to be a park nearby that will suit both of your needs and give you much relaxation time. If cooking up a meal to trek with you is not something you fancy, mix it up: Order a few random dishes to be delivered to you wherever your location may be (Hungry House is a great app that will get you hot food fast) to keep things entertaining. The cost of food is the only price you will pay for this romantic afternoon!

Learn to Dance


Possibly for the more experienced couple (or brave new couple!), a dance class can be a random and fun endeavour for the both of you. Yes, consistent dance classes may run up the bill, but many beginner classes offer a first time drop-in option to try the class for free. Learn a step or two of a variety of dances!

Go to a Museum

Museums can be found in every corner of each city, and every one of them will offer something different. From art to war to history, many museums have a low entrance fee (from free to £5 approximately) meaning you and your date can enrich your lives and discover new interests at a very low cost.

Explore a New City

If you are enthralled by the history that surrounds us, skip the museum and discover a new city! Check out a small town with a backstory such as Winchester or stop at some tourist attractions that you and your beaux have yet to see. You’ll be surprised what you can learn at a low cost!

Cook Together

For those that prefer to do something at home, try to tackle a fancy dessert or snack instead of ordering takeaway. At the cost of just ingredients, have fun together selecting a new recipe online and taking over the kitchen. Need an idea? Try this Raspberry Panini for a sweet and savoury treat.

Get in a Workout

Hit a gym, a new trail, or the beach to get sweating with your date! For those that seek fitness as a common interest, this date idea is both cost friendly and beneficial. Most gyms offer day passes at a low price, and outdoor activity is free minus the cost of equipment rental if necessary (skates or a kayak, for example).

Learn a New Skill

If brain stimulation is what the both of you want, perhaps keeping date night indoors and attempting a new hobby will keep the heat up! Try searching tutorials online (knitting, painting, cooking, drawing – the options are endless) and get to know each other a little more through trial and error. You may just discover your new favourite pastime!