Natural Lash Lift – LVL Lash Review

My lashes have always been the part of my beauty routine that I dread doing. It’s tedious, I get mascara everywhere and it generally just goes really wrong. Not to mention it takes ages! I found out about LVL Lashes from Lisa Eldridge’s video (here) when I was looking at types of treatments to get for my lashes. I’ve always wanted to get semi-permanent lashes glued on but I’ve always been too scared.. (I know, I’m a wimp) but LVL seemed like a brilliant middle ground! Before the treatment – Bare Lashes Ok so I’ll explain a little bit about what LVL lashes is. It’s a treatment created by Nouveau Lashes which straightens the natural eyelashes at the root, which creates a curly, wide-awake affect. The treatment also includes the eyelashes being tinted and a conditioning serum. You see the results straight away and you’re left looking fluttery and fab.… View Post

Gabriella x Primark Stationary Haul

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well. I popped into Primark recently to look at the Gabriella (VelvetGh0st) stationary range, she’s a vlogger with incredible taste – especially colour scheme wise. As soon as I seen that it was gold and pastel hues, I knew I had to have it all. I thought I’d pop up a quick post to show you what I managed to pick up. My Primark didn’t have the full range and I would have liked to have bought the pencils too. There was also a larger, beautiful notebook but I didn’t feel the need for two! (Though I’ll probably go back) The prices are extremely reasonable and perfect if you’re on a budget, they’d make a great gift – especially for those who watch her videos! Isn’t it beautiful? Head over to my Twitter to enter my giveaway which includes some of the pieces! X

Getting to Know Anti-Aging Techniques

*This is a sponsored post* Hi everyone, todays post is all about skincare and lasers – exciting! In this day and age, everyone wants to look younger and healthier. The methods we use can be very mild to highly extreme, depending on just how far we are willing to go. I personally am rather lazy with my skincare but I need to step it up a notch!  Many people start with the milder treatments at home, choosing to make skin care a daily regimen (that they try to stick to *cough*).  That usually means a routine of giving the skin a good exfoliation followed by moisturisers and protecting the skin from overexposure to the sun, which is extremely important and something many people forget to do. For others, mild skin care is just not enough.  Wrinkles or sags or tired looking skin may need more proactive methods like a laser treatment. … View Post

Violet Voss Holy Grail Review

  The palette that swept the Instagram beauty world away… As soon as I first laid eyes on this palette, I was in love. I never intended on getting it until I went into Cocktail Cosmetics and I seen it physically. I can usually avoid the hype products until I can hold them in my hands, then I can never let them go. It’s easier to exit a website than it is to walk away from a gorgeous piece of makeup. I was told quite a lot of things about this palette that put me off, ‘repackaged expensive Morphe eyeshadows’ was one of the main ones, but when I swatched it I was impressed. Morphe isn’t a bad brand from what I know of, so I just went for it. These colours are to die for, they’re exactly up my street and I LOVE wearing all matte-cranberry toned eye makeup.… View Post

Are These Fad Diets Healthy?

Plant based, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free… Honestly the list goes on of the current Instagram trends. Some of them are great, others not so much. I truly believe that the only way to healthily lose weight is have a balanced diet and exercise. Anyway, this morning Grace Victory (a YouTuber who I have watched since I was a young teen and have cherished ever since) released a documentary on BBC Three Online called ‘Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets’ all about these so-called diet bloggers, looking into whether or not their ‘diets’ are just creating an unhealthy, obsessive lifestyle that can lead to eating disorders. Which, they are. It’s a great watch and I loved learning so much about diets. The dieting market is SUCH a huge money maker for industries because the people who are partaking in them are so impressionable. This blog post is just to say ‘give… View Post