JORD Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watches have been cropping up all over the social media world, most specifically Instagram. I have noticed them for a while and I was thrilled to receive one to review. A nice watch is a must-have and I love accessories that are a little different, which is why the Jord Wood Watch stood out to me so much. I’d never seen anything like it before. It’s sophisticated, beautiful and very modern. I opted for the Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch as it will match so many of my clothes and it’s gorgeous! It’s rare that wood features much within fashion, and I think it can be quite hard to pull off but Jord manage to do it wonderfully. It has some beautiful intricate details that ensure the watch is sophisticated but glamorous. The box in which the watch arrived in, is a beautiful wooden watch with a magnetic lid.… View Post


Oh shaving, something men and women can both sympathise with. The endless cuts, expensive shaving foam and worst of all, razors that last about two minutes. I don’t know what it is with women’s razors, I think they presume that we have more money to spend on becoming hair-free (which FYI, we don’t) therefore we an afford to repurchase them every single week. Its always the same, the razor is on ‘offer’ for half price, but the blades are a FORTUNE. Like really, £20 for a few blades?! Thats mad. They really do con us. For some reason, I don’t know why, companies presume that we need razors that aren’t as sharp and with flimsy handles. How many times has the rubbish plastic handle slipped out of your hand and almost sliced your leg open? Way too many times. Have you ever used a ‘mens’ razor to shave with? It’s… View Post

#SquadGoals With Supercuts!

I love getting my hair done. It’s something I rarely do and yet something that makes me feel so confident, happy and put together. Is there any better feeling than confidence? Supercuts invited me to their TIGI event to celebrate their #SquadGoals competition, where you can win a trip to London! I was invited for a luxury VIP Experience at their Eldon Square store for complimentary treatments. The aim of the #SquadGoals competition is to find the new faces of the brand, with the winning squad whisked off to TIGI Studios in London for a VIP makeover, photoshoot and overnight stay in the capital. Sounds amazing, right?! At the event we were greeted by the wonderful staff, and as we waited for the rest of the girls we chatted. Laura and Tasha I already knew, and quickly after I arrived Shelley arrived. Jags Beauty resides inside of Supercuts Newcastle, so I… View Post

I Was in the Journal! – Life Update

Hello there! I thought I’d give you all a little life update, as I don’t really do it that often on my blog. Well, I’ve been pretty busy recently which is why I haven’t posted as often. A lot has happened! In May I left Gateshead College (Sad times!) and came out with all distinctions in my Business Management course. I was pretty gutted to leave but I’ve been  back since and still keep in touch with many of the amazing staff members that have made my time at Gateshead College so special. Oh, did I mention I have another blog now?! Oh yes. I now run a little segment for Gateshead College on their website, you can check it out here: Katie’s Blog – Gateshead College. I’m pretty proud of it and really enjoying writing for them. Gateshead College also included me in their segment of the Journal newspaper, you… View Post

Beautiful Burgers at Fat Hippo Durham

For weeks before the launch, I was eyeing up The Fat Hippo Durham. The interiors looked fab, in a gorgeous old building in the middle of the gorgeous city. There’s something about Durham that is just so beautiful, whatever the weather. I was invited along to try the Durham restaurant to see how it varies from the Underground – my usual. Besides the food, one of the best things about the Fat Hippo is that you’re able to go in for a quite bite to eat, or you can take your time. I’ve never waited long for my food – and I’ve been over 5 times now. Durham is one of the most beautiful places in England, and the Fat Hippo Durham is beautifully gothic, in a gorgeous old building lit with romantic lighting. On this visit, I went with my Mam and my Auntie. They both decided they would share their main… View Post