Bronzed with Bobbi | Bobbi Brown

Oh bronzer, how our relationship is rocky. You’re temperamental. Will you show up? Will I look orange? Will it blend? Finding the right bronzer is HARD. It either looks great, orange or doesn’t show up. It’s hard to find the right one for your skin tone and can so easily look awful. There are very few bronzers I actually like, and the ones I do like are higher end. I’m sorry, but they just get it right. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel and Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Natural are two that compliment my skin very well. I’m pale so it’s easy to get it so wrong. This Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder is completely matte, which I love in a bronzer. If it’s shimmery or glittery, it can look just too much on the skin and not give the right definition or colour to the skin. This isn’t a bronzer I… View Post

The Importance Of A ‘Like’

The domino effect, I imagine you’re all rather familiar with it and how it works. It can be applied to a lot of things and social media is definitely one of those. I’m a digital influencer, I have followers on the Internet who watch what I do, keep up with where I’m going and the products that I’m buying. They’re interested, value my opinion and like keeping up with my life. Just as I like doing that about others too. I feel like the Internet is moving away from the traditional celebrity culture and more towards the Instagram/Blogger culture. That’s a whole different post though. I’ll not sugar coat it here, the more people that read my blog, follow my Instagram etc, the more I get paid and the better opportunities I get. It’s really that simple. That means I have to post content that I’m happy with, I would… View Post

Spectrum Collections Makeup Brushes Review

Spectrum have taken the social media world my storm, with the most Instagrammable brushes on the market. It’s impossible for me to scroll through my feed without seeing at least one post featuring them. They certainly know what their customers want as they are coming out with such gorgeous collections that are being snapped up very quickly. Buying new brushes can be tricky, buying individually it can get incredibly expensive and buying a set most likely ensures you’ll end up with two or three brushes you’ll never use. That isn’t the case for Spectrum, especially if you’re a makeup addict. In the larger collections, of course there is a wider variety of brushes and in the smaller collections it is a little more niche but will still cover all bases. I can safely say there is not one brush out of the 10 Piece Essential Set collection that I haven’t used and… View Post

Better Brows with Jags Beauty

It’s hard to trust people, especially with your brows. I have trust issues with anyone touching my brows after they were threaded to death. I was left with barely any brows and it took me a long time to grow them back, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I like to have neat brows constantly, never a hair out of place, so growing them out was a huge annoyance because I never felt like they looked right. I met Jag at the Supercut Newcastle event and she threaded and waxed my brows for me. I loved them, she knew the shape that I was going for. Jag explained that I have many fair hairs that will take to brow tinting and will make my brows look fuller and will enable me to get more of the shape I wanted. I like an arched brow, very defined and full. I’m not a fan… View Post

JORD Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watches have been cropping up all over the social media world, most specifically Instagram. I have noticed them for a while and I was thrilled to receive one to review. A nice watch is a must-have and I love accessories that are a little different, which is why the Jord Wood Watch stood out to me so much. I’d never seen anything like it before. It’s sophisticated, beautiful and very modern. I opted for the Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch as it will match so many of my clothes and it’s gorgeous! It’s rare that wood features much within fashion, and I think it can be quite hard to pull off but Jord manage to do it wonderfully. It has some beautiful intricate details that ensure the watch is sophisticated but glamorous. The box in which the watch arrived in, is a beautiful wooden watch with a magnetic lid.… View Post