Fleur De Force is one of those beauty gurus where if she says something its good, I’ll take her word as gospel. I’ve followed her for a long time now and I know that if she puts her name on anything, she believes in the product and trusts it. Her lash collection with Eylure is a staple in my lash-wardrobe. Each set I love and wear on the regular, they’re so subtle and beautiful. Favourite. Lashes. Ever. When her collection, consisting of two products, the Brow Tamer and Brow Powder was announced with Eylure, I trusted it instantly. I LOVE the Eylure Brow Amplifier on my brows for making them appear fluffier and thicker. I’d been struggling for a long time to find someone I trusted with my brows but now that I have that coupled with some great brow products, they’ve never looked better. Each product has three shades; Light,… View Post

In the heat of the summer, there’s only a few things that can truly cool us down but also satisfy our taste buds in the process. One of those being the beloved ice cream, it’s by far my favourite food and I could eat it daily (and sometimes do). Which is why I was so excited when I was invited along to an ice cream tasting session at Movenpick Boutique in Intu Metrocentre. It was a dream come true for me and I practically jumped at the chance to spend the morning eating ice cream. Yeah that’s right, morning. It’s never too early for ice cream. Set in a lovely boutique-style unit in the heart of the Cube in the Metrocentre, Movenpick is definitely the on the luxe spectrum of ice cream and desserts. They offer a range of different ice creams, sorbets, desserts and coffees. Including chocolate fondue, pancakes, crepes and… View Post

As any makeup lover knows that your lips are an essential part of finish off a makeup look. It can make or break your makeup look and I love experimenting with different lip colours, finishes and textures. Making sure our lips not only look good but also feel good is super vital. It’s a sad fact that our lips can often get overlooked when we are doing our facial care routine. We have a special cleanser for our eye makeup as it’s such a delicate area. But we rarely afford such luxuries to our lips apart from maybe a little bit of lip balm here and there. However, it’s important that we take care of all of lips, as much as any other on our face. In particular, our lips can be susceptible to cracking and flaking and even to things such as cold sores. We’ve all been there with horribly… View Post

I’ve been into photography for about 5 years now and I constantly feel as though I’m getting better and better. It’s one of those hobbies that you improve without really realising it, which I love. Every photo you tweak a little, learning from the mistakes of the last. I recently took some photographs in the wonderful National Trust park Cragside in Northumberland. A beautiful place, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and nature. I’m incredibly proud of my images and I want to share them with the world, so posting them on my blog is a great way, but I kind of want to make some money off my photographs, you know? I believe they are good enough but most of all, I want to share my photographs with the world and hope that someone else is able to get some pleasure from them. Gallerist is an app that lets you sell… View Post

As I approach my fourth IPL session by Aspen Beauty, I thought I’d reflect back on my previous sessions for a second and let you know how I have progressed. In sessions 1 & 2 I noticed a visible difference with my hair growth and in the two sessions since I have less and less hair growth. I chose my underarms as my main concern as my skin is rather sensitive and I am most prone to ingrown hairs under my arms. Whenever I’d shave, I’d struggle to get a clean, neat shave and it would always look as if there are some hairs still there. A real annoyance! After my 3rd session I have truly noticed such a massive difference. I barely grow any hair now, and the area has lightened up. I no longer struggle with ingrown hairs and as you can see from the image, the growth is… View Post