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With a new burger place seemingly popping up every week in Newcastle, and my devotion to The Fat Hippo, I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of The Grind. That was until late last year when the lovely Chiesh invited me to their Pop Up launch at the lovely No. 28. Not one to say no to trying a new burger, I hopped along. Spending an evening with both Mandy Charlton and Laura Dawson is always a treat, so it made this night even sweeter.

Okay, before I get into the review. I have to admit something… The first time I went I forgot my camera and the pictures, well. I’m not going to embarrass myself by posting them on here! Obviously I decided that I must go back to get good photos, because I needed to do these burgers justice.

There’s no weird toppings, odd concoctions or fancy names. They’re just good, honest cheeseburgers. I like that, being overwhelmed by a menu can sometimes put me off because I’ll either not be able to choose, or not really fancy anything.

At the launch we were showered with cheeseburgers, fries and buffalo wings. You know who they say love at first sight isn’t a thing? Well, they’re wrong. They’d obviously never seen a Grind burger. I mean, just look at it?! Mrs Small Eater over here managed one and a half. Yes. You heard that right, I ate a whole one at the launch, it was just that good.

The Beef Tallow fries are fried in the beef dripping and are bursting with flavour. Every single person that night was practically drooling over the food, I’d never seen so many bloggers agree on the same thing. I was hoping to try a milkshake on the launch night, but it was SO busy that there was no way! The whole bar was packed. No 28 and The Grind really compliment each other well.

Fast forward a few months and I wanted my sister to experience the burger, we popped in before a blogger event for a bite to eat, I took my photos and ate my amazing burgers once again. They were exactly how I remembered them. The meat is extremely juicy and soft, almost melt-in your mouth that we all imagine a burger to have. The cheese was melted perfectly and I opted for the quarter pounder with bacon and cheese, everything was just so good.

This time, they had milkshakes. Oh yes. I ordered a vanilla and my sister the salted caramel. As a caramel addict, why on earth I didn’t order that one, I have no idea. Anyway, after much begging… My sister and I swapped milkshakes. I think we sat in silence for a full five minutes whilst eating, which if you know me – is a miracle. I think that milkshake is by far the BEST I’ve ever had. Milkshakes are my favourite drinks and caramel is my favourite sweet thing. Combined? I fell in love. They were thick, sweet and flavourful. I was just so happy!

Byron, The Fat Hippo, TGI Friday’s and the likes, will set you back around £20 for a burger, chips and milkshake. A little on the pricier side, especially if you’re a student.

For two burgers, two fries and two milkshakes? This set me back £20. It’s actually on par with the price of a meal from Burger King. Two meals that don’t even compare. I’m astounded that you can get such good quality for a price that is so do-able. You really have no excuse to not trying them.

A classic burger is £5, £2 more for The Big Triple (and if you’re a big eater, I’d suggest you go for that one). I can’t sing my praises enough, and no. I wasn’t paid to write this 😉



The Grind is currently located at No. 28 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Kitchen open times:

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 10pm

Friday – Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

The Grind burgers are also available for delivery on Deliveroo, which makes me want to move to NE1 purely so I can eat these burgers in front of my TV. The dream.



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