I have been living in my area for around 10 years now and to be honest, I only know a few of the neighbours in my street. It’s sad but to be honest, I do not really get much opportunity to see many people due to how busy I am. I think the only neighbours that I recognise and say hello too would be my next door neighbours and a few houses either side. I do say hello and make small talk in the street, but it rarely ever goes beyond that. It’s nice to think we have lovely neighbours as I couldn’t imagine having awful people living next to me, so I feel thankful that we live where we do.  It would be lovely if we all had the opportunity to get to know each other more, maybe with over a BBQ (any excuse for some new garden furniture… View Post

My pinterest is full of gorgeous women wearing beautiful outfits, posing infront of houses in London and looking so effortlessly beautiful. I love browsing Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration, seeing items I’d never have picked up in store, styled in a way I just can’t resist. There’s something so wonderful about style, everyone is different and there are endless ways to portray yourself through what you wear. I thought I’d see what sort of outfit I could put together on a budget, I don’t tend to spend too much money on my clothes (a habit I need to get out of!) and I’ve become quite the savvy shopper. When Quiz Clothing contacted me to see if I’d like to try any of their items, I wasn’t so sure. I’d always known Quiz to be full of more ‘night out’ dresses and clothes that I wouldn’t really wear. I took… View Post

We all have those weekends where we’d much rather sit in our pyjamas than go out. I do love going out with my friends and taking the time to get dressed up, but sometimes a simple night in can be just as good. Armed with a Netflix account and some Night-In staples, I know just how to make my cozy night in a perfect one. Step One: Snacks No night in is complete without a bunch of food to snack on while you’re lazing about in your loungewear (aka pyjamas) binge watching Netflix. Pizza, popcorn, chocolate, ice cream & crisps are my fave. Yeah I know, totally not good for me but hey, let me live. Ordering in a takeaway can get pretty expensive and can take forever to be delivered, which is why I like to buy my own pizza from the supermarket to save time and money. Chicago… View Post

Being dark-haired, shaving has always been an issue for me. My hair grows back the day after I’ve shaved it and I really don’t feel like waxing. IPL was something I wanted to try for an extremely long time, I wrote an introduction to IPL HERE. I discuss the difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal, and how I’ve come about the opportunity to review it. Now, I’ve had two sessions and it’s been a few weeks since my second appointment. The reason why I didn’t write this sooner because I wanted to get a better view of how the hair growth is and how frequently I need to shave. I’ll start by explaining the process, I’m getting the treatment done on my underarms to start off with and I plan to progress to other areas. I chose my underarms because it’s the area that I struggle with most, and… View Post

When you grow up, and you’re born different to everyone else around you, you learn early on to embrace the differences. To accept who you are, be whoever you want to be and learn to love yourself.  However, there’s always that aspect of you that wishes you didn’t have to suffer the pain anymore. You’ll always be petrified that you’ll have to go through it again, because life just isn’t that certain. Anything can happen. When I was a young girl, I had major operations that severely altered my life and all of my family’s life. Our lives revolved around my wellbeing and making sure I wasn’t in pain or going to get any worse. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for my parents, to watch their daughter go through what I did. I didn’t see what I went through, I lived it. I have a completely… View Post