My pinterest is full of gorgeous women wearing beautiful outfits, posing infront of houses in London and looking so effortlessly beautiful. I love browsing Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration, seeing items I’d never have picked up in store, styled in a way I just can’t resist. There’s something so wonderful about style, everyone is different and there are endless ways to portray yourself through what you wear. I thought I’d see what sort of outfit I could put together on a budget, I don’t tend to spend too much money on my clothes (a habit I need to get out of!) and I’ve become quite the savvy shopper. When Quiz Clothing contacted me to see if I’d like to try any of their items, I wasn’t so sure. I’d always known Quiz to be full of more ‘night out’ dresses and clothes that I wouldn’t really wear. I took… View Post

Jord Wood Watches have been cropping up all over the social media world, most specifically Instagram. I have noticed them for a while and I was thrilled to receive one to review. A nice watch is a must-have and I love accessories that are a little different, which is why the Jord Wood Watch stood out to me so much. I’d never seen anything like it before. It’s sophisticated, beautiful and very modern. I opted for the Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch as it will match so many of my clothes and it’s gorgeous! It’s rare that wood features much within fashion, and I think it can be quite hard to pull off but Jord manage to do it wonderfully. It has some beautiful intricate details that ensure the watch is sophisticated but glamorous. The box in which the watch arrived in, is a beautiful wooden watch with a magnetic lid.… View Post

I own a fair few pairs of sunglasses now, but most of them I bought on eBay for 99p – which means they’re not really the best of quality and have little, to no protection on the eyes. Little protection isn’t usually a big deal for me as I live in the North East of England and whenever we get sun, it lasts for about five minutes. As soon as Jules B contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try some Le Specs sunglasses, I jumped at the chance. As I’m jetting off to Greece for a week this summer, I need something that will protect my eyes and also look stylish. I’m a huge fan of rather over-the-top retro sunglasses, so naturally I picked a pretty striking pair. This pair are called the Savanna’s and I think they’re rather beautiful! I’ve had lots of compliments on these… View Post