When you grow up, and you’re born different to everyone else around you, you learn early on to embrace the differences. To accept who you are, be whoever you want to be and learn to love yourself.  However, there’s always that aspect of you that wishes you didn’t have to suffer the pain anymore. You’ll always be petrified that you’ll have to go through it again, because life just isn’t that certain. Anything can happen. When I was a young girl, I had major operations that severely altered my life and all of my family’s life. Our lives revolved around my wellbeing and making sure I wasn’t in pain or going to get any worse. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for my parents, to watch their daughter go through what I did. I didn’t see what I went through, I lived it. I have a completely… View Post

I have kept this a secret for so long and I feel like I’m about to burst now I can finally share this with you all! The most exciting project of my life, my short film with BBC Three is finally live! I can’t tell you how much this means to me, to get the opportunity to share my story and hopefully inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin and believe in themselves. Growing up with a facial disfigurement was challenging and extremely difficult to comprehend sometimes. In and out of hospital, the pain and coming to terms that I’d have to live (and look) like this for the rest of my life. It wasn’t easy and I’m so happy that I’ve had the constant love and support around me so that I can proudly say, I am happy and confident. Makeup isn’t usually the first thing you’d… View Post

Every single summer I’d look forward to brand new stationery for going back to school. It’s actually probably one of the only aspects I miss about the place. My mam would go mad with the amount I’d spend on expensive fine liners, highlighters, pencil cases (I had a new one every month), erasers and more. When you’re 13, your stationery says a lot about you – especially the pencil case. It was the only form of self-expression we really had in school and I took it super seriously. Fast forward a few years, my love of stationary is still very much alive and I’m often found swooning over Ban.Do, Kate Spade and pretty notebooks. In fact, on my desk alone right now I have six of them. They look pretty on the ‘gram, okay? No judging here. Rooi.com is a website where I can live out all of my fancy stationary… View Post

Living the life of luxury is usually all but a dream, but for a night I got to experience VIP treatment at the Hilton Hotel Newcastle Gateshead. Filled with champagne, amazing food and a spa, it was the evening fit for a princess. It was a pleasure to be able to review a hotel in the North East. We checked in at 3pm and I was quickly whisked away to my room. Situated on the 5th floor, I could see the Tyne Bridge from my beautiful executive suite and it was a beautiful sight, the first thing I did was naturally pop the view on my Instagram Story. Checking out the room, the first thing that appeared to me was how big it was. I mean, it’s what is expected for an Executive Suite but I could live out of that room, it’s probably bigger than most London apartments. Having a… View Post

Something we all never do quite enough of… appreciating those around us. It’s hard to remember to say ‘I Love You’ and show spontaneous acts of kindness to those we love. However, there are many ways to show appreciation in our day to day lives. It could be as simple as making a cup of tea for the person you love, or running them a bath for getting home from work. Something that will take just a few minutes, but will leave an everlasting mark of appreciation. I really need to take my own advice with this, it’s easy to get wrapped up in yourself and the endless list of things you have to do, but you know what they say. ‘Throw kindness around like confetti’. A quote we should all live by. Show kindness to others, and they will show it back. The happiest people are always those who are… View Post