Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doin’ well. I have a little give-away for you all today to say THANK YOU! for being such amazing readers. The lovely falseeyelashes.co.uk sent me these lashes to give to one of you, how lovely is that? They’re a site I’ve ordered from a LOT as it’s the cheapest place I can find my favourite Red Cherry Demi Wispies. They also have free first class shipping on all orders and tonnes of brands to choose from, so check them out if you are a false lash lover like me. a Rafflecopter giveaway   Lots of love and good luck!  

  When it comes to photography, I feel as though I will always be a novice. It’s a constant learning curve and there’s always things to discover. However there are a few factors that are pretty constant. In no way am I an expert but I did study it at A-Level and I continue to take photographs almost every day and on every occasion. If it wasn’t for photography, I doubt I would even blog. I think many people start by blogging and then the photos, but for me I wanted my own space to rant and rave about the products I love and show off the photos I take. I’ll start off this post by showing you a few of my first photos with my camera. I have a Canon 600d, but I’ll go on about that more later. Beware, this will probably be a lengthy post but I do have… View Post

  I’ve had a rather stressful time recently, with getting my A-Level results back and sorting out what I’m doing education wise in September so I decided that it’s about time I pampered myself. I popped into Lush and knew exactly what I wanted!

  I have been lusting after these glosses for quite a long time and a few weeks ago I finally took the plunge and bought one. I opted for shade 433 DÉLICE however when I got home and opened the packaging I realised I was given the wrong colour – 643 Diablotine. However this colour was simply stunning too (and I figured I could just get the other shade another time!). I don’t usually splurge on lip products much, let alone lipglosses as I find they just never stay on. Ever. There have been many times I’ve paid £10+ for a lipgloss only to find it comes off quicker than it takes to put it on *cough* Revlon… This lipgloss seems to stay on me for about half an hour or until I eat something – which to me is revolutionary!  The colour isn’t overly pigmented, which I like. It’s such a soft,… View Post

When you buy your mum a gift, you want it to be great. But let’s face it; it’s not always easy to find the ideal gift that she’s going to love. So many gifts are boring, forgettable and predictable. You need to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of buying a gift like that. Your mum will only be disappointed, and that’s not what you want at all. So, here are some tips to help you make sure you get it right this time.   Stay Away from Conventional and Repetitious Gifts   This is always the first rule that should be followed when you’re looking for a great gift to buy. If you manage to stay away from the gifts that everyone buys, you’ll make sure you don’t buy your mum another gift that gets thrown on the pile and forgotten about in a matter of… View Post