How I’m Preparing For Summer 2018

Summer is looming and it will creep up on us before we even realise it’s here. It feels like we’ve been waiting for years in the UK as the weather has been dreadful. Snowstorms in March? No thank you. Bring the sun, please. I miss the days where I could walk home at 6pm and actually see where I’m going, or actually wanting to take a brisk stroll in the sunshine. Summer just makes me smile a little wider and walk a little more confidently.

Every year there are certain preparations that take place so I know I’m ready for whatever summer may throw at me. Summer is the time for spontaneous plans so I like to make sure I’m ready. Fruity ciders in beer gardens and outdoor gigs are aplenty. From dresses to skincare, I’m going to talk you through everything I do to get ready for the warmer weather.

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Trends change as seasons go by, which ultimately means we end up buying new clothes every year. A total nightmare for the bank balance but we secretly love it. Every year I try to invest in some key pieces like a good pair of denim shorts, sandals, sunglasses and skirts. I usually just head to Primark, New Look and Matalan for my tops because I hate spending a bomb on such little material. I absolutely adore summer dresses too, they’re fun and easy to throw on and make a full outfit. Bright colours, bold prints and floaty skirts are my go-to. I tend to use Latest Deals, a website where you can browse some amazing deals and includes Topshop, Matalan, New Look, Oasis and more. I’ve been finding some amazing bargains on there so it’s worth a little peep for your holiday box. In particular, I love this Pink number from Miss Selfridge reduced to £5. I mean, what?! This Lace Up Topshop dress too. I really want it!

Sun damage is a huge reason why our skin ages and gets damaged, finding an sunscreen that will protect your face but also sit well with makeup is mega important for me. In previous years I always thought that the SPF in my makeup would do, but after watching this video by Wayne Goss, (my favourite YouTuber and makeup guru) it’s made me realise I should really buy a facial SPF that will actually protect my skin. The sun catches you even when you think it isn’t. Check out his video on his favourite sunscreens, I’ll be purchasing one of those for sure!

A new lip colour is always on the agenda for summer. I love my bright pinks, reds and oranges for the summer paired with a simple cat eye or a pair of sunglasses. They make any outfit pop and I love being able to experiment with colour in such an easy and versatile way.

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Changing my hair colour is a big deal for the summer, I have balayage so I like to go even blonder and brighter in the summer. I still haven’t got to my perfect shade of blonde yet so let’s hope I manage to hit that this year. Embarking on a new hair journey can make you feel much more confident, may it be adding a few more layers or completely re-doing the colour.

More beauty prep, I know. But ensuring you have a colourful pedicure is vital. Personally, I find it easy just to get shellac or gel polish on my toes and forget about it for a few weeks. Toe colours take FOREVER to grow out, seriously. So just treat yo self and get gels. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a night out and forgot to paint my toes so at the last minute done a dire job and smudged the lot, forcing my foot into my shoe as I’m leaving the house. I usually opt for a red or pink on my toes!

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Tan. Oh fake tan, how I love to hate you. A comprehensive review of my favourites will be coming up soon because I could talk about them forever, and I really want to do a bloody good review for you all. AKA before and afters, a week check up – the lot. Might take me a while but I’ll get there. Summer is just more effort, fact. Shaving, exfoliating, moisturising and tanning can easily be forgotten about in the winter because who even sees your legs under thick thermal tights?! I do feel better with a banging tan though. All worth it.

Lastly, I make a summer bucket list of everywhere I want to go. This year I hope to go away on holiday, even though I don’t have one planned yet – I bet it will be a last minute job! There’s also plenty of places in the UK I’d love to go to and I have a beautiful beach right at my doorstep, I plan to utilise it more as I’ve neglected it the past few years! I find when I write down everything I want to do, I’m more likely to do it. I always have all of these amazing summer plans and I just end up forgetting about half of the things I want to do and never do them!

This summer is about making memories, enjoying myself and exploring. I vow not to worry about being ‘beach body ready’ and just focus on being happy.


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