Get Some Glow

It’s almost springtime and that means goodbye to the old dry, flaky skin and hello to smooth, happy and glowing skin. Of course that also means that you may need a little helping hand with getting the right products to create a good look. Beauty starts from within and this often means starting a good diet, and the best way to create that soft supple skin is by eating well. Having good healthy skin makes you feel happier and more confident! We all have bad skin days, and sometimes it’s all just part of being a woman, because we all have those annoying little breakouts at that time of the month! Starting with the simple things is key, and this can be as simple as avoiding dairy products. Too much as the lactose can irritate the skin and cause breakouts, and keep your food fresh, healthy salads, vegetables and fruits and apricots which are proven to help your skin. You can definitely see an improvement when you start to make little changes to your diet. Of course, by drinking plenty of water, it can get rid of blemishes over time but of course the fresher the better, so invest in a Brita filter or buy fresh water without any impurities.

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The next major thing for your skin is to sleep. Sleeping is definitely the key to creating supple skin. It not only gets rid of your dark circles or bags, from all those busy day-to-day tasks that wear us down, but it also helps your skin heal, and replenish its cells, so you’re essentially giving yourself a make-over by just curling up in your nice cosy bed and getting some sleep! Of course it isn’t always that easy to adopt a different lifestyle as there are many factors involved with it, such as leading a busy life or not being able to afford to change your routine.


Have a look through the skin care that you have. Is it the right skincare for you? Perhaps your skin changes from winter to spring and in that case, looking at new professional organic skin care products is a must. Winter naturally dries the skin out, so with more sun and vitamin D, you may start to experience more combination skin or even oily patches if you’re prone to it. Faking it is the next big thing! We all love our make-up tricks and tips. Whether we use a lot or a little bit of make-up, there are always ways to fake your glow, or at least enhance your natural beauty. Try using gold highlighters or champagne coloured ones, which will allow the light to catch the shine better. Use a peach blusher instead of a pink which will make you look more bronzed and glowing as opposed to blushed. Use your highlighter down the nose and the chin and forehead which looks more natural, and on the apples of your cheeks, but don’t use too much as it will lose the natural effect as you want to look as bronzed and beautiful as possible without looking like you’ve caked your make-up on.

So with these little tips, it’s definitely going to be time to start enjoying the sun whilst it lasts!


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