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Every single summer I’d look forward to brand new stationery for going back to school. It’s actually probably one of the only aspects I miss about the place. My mam would go mad with the amount I’d spend on expensive fine liners, highlighters, pencil cases (I had a new one every month), erasers and more. When you’re 13, your stationery says a lot about you – especially the pencil case. It was the only form of self-expression we really had in school and I took it super seriously. Fast forward a few years, my love of stationary is still very much alive and I’m often found swooning over Ban.Do, Kate Spade and pretty notebooks. In fact, on my desk alone right now I have six of them. They look pretty on the ‘gram, okay? No judging here. is a website where I can live out all of my fancy stationary dreams. It has everything I’d ever need and errrm, how lucky am I to receive some of their amazing bits and pieces to celebrate National Stationery Week? Ban.Do is the best and I bloody love Jen Gotch, the CEO. If you’re not following her on Instagram, you’re missing out. She’s hilarious! Ban.Do have extremely quirky, cool fun designs and I bet you’ve seen a fair few of them pop up in your Instagram feed or in the fashion world.

Rose Gold and Pink Nunna Notebook

Nunna is a high-quality notebook brand, with luxurious Swedish Munken paper for jotting down those all important notes and is super eco-friendly. I’ve been using this to write down my to-do lists and important things that I shouldn’t forget (but probably still will, have you met me?!)
The Ban.Do pencil pouch is probably the most apt thing for me, honestly. When it comes to painting, colouring in… doing anything that requires concentration and creativity that isn’t on a computer? I’ll probably fail. Blogging and photography are my creative outlets. I cannot for the life of me colour in, draw etc. I’m just a mess. I did try my best though.  To compliment the pencil pouch, I was sent some wonderful Ban.Do pastel pens that are so me. Just look at how cute they are!

Ban.Do Sweet Tak Pen Set // Ban.Do I Did My Best Pencil Pouch

Portobello by Inspire Mug (Similar)Portobello by Inspire Mug (Similar)

If you’re interested in checking out this super cute stationery and celebration National Stationery Week in your own way, head over to!


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