Jake Houlsby, Vondelpark EP Launch

It’s not really that often that I believe in fate, but sometimes life just works out in a way that you think it’s a little bit more than pure coincidence. A lot of my life is like that with music, it seems I stumble across musicians at just the right time.

Rewind back four or so years ago, walking down Northumberland Street and in front of M&S my ears were drawn towards a particular sound. I couldn’t ignore it. It’s rare you just stumble across such talent while walking down the street. Never would have I have had the guts to walk up and ask him his name, so I’m pretty glad it was on a little sign near his guitar case. Suntrap. Straight away I followed him on Twitter, and I’ve listened ever since.

Fast forward a few years, Jake Houlsby performs under his name and has flourished into a new style. Four years later I’m excited for each new release and Vondelpark nevertheless impressed me in every way.

The Vondelpark launch was at the beautiful Mining Institute, Jake played a mixture of old and new music and the crowd was attentive but most of all, mesmerised. It’s always a pleasure hearing Jake play, but this time? It just felt even more special. The new material and band made it such a beautiful experience.

At the end of the set, Jake came out into the crowd and we all sang Circus Child together. It really showed the connection he has with his fans, and the true love they have for his music. An unforgettable moment.

Five tracks in total, Howl, Bloom, Oklahoma, Vondelpark and Milos. An array of varied tracks, each one perfect in its own way.

Check out Vondelpark below. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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