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I’ve been into photography for about 5 years now and I constantly feel as though I’m getting better and better. It’s one of those hobbies that you improve without really realising it, which I love. Every photo you tweak a little, learning from the mistakes of the last.

I recently took some photographs in the wonderful National Trust park Cragside in Northumberland. A beautiful place, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and nature. I’m incredibly proud of my images and I want to share them with the world, so posting them on my blog is a great way, but I kind of want to make some money off my photographs, you know? I believe they are good enough but most of all, I want to share my photographs with the world and hope that someone else is able to get some pleasure from them.

Gallerist is an app that lets you sell your own photographs and buy from others, and as soon as I was contacted, asking if I wanted to work with them, I knew I had to say yes! Scrolling through and looking at the beautiful images and listing my own up for sale has been so fun. I can’t wait to make my first sale. It’s simple to use, you just download the app (iOS & Android), create an account and start using Gallerist to list your images or buy others. There are some stunning photographs on there and it’s also lovely to get some inspiration. As a seller, your work is protected so there’s no fear of your photograph being shared/used without permission. If you sell an image, it becomes the property of the owner, so they are able to do with it as they please.

The feature I like the most is the ability to like photographs and sort your own into collections. If you’re like me and take photos of different subjects (sometimes it is flowers/nature, others its makeup), organising my gallery is easy and sort of like an Instagram feed, so you can have fun making it look pretty and more appealing.

A lot of bloggers I know are extremely talented at the photographs they take and being able to gain an extra source of income from blogging is always welcomed – it can be a tough world out there. I’ll update this blog post when I sell my first image and let you all know how much I sold it for. Super exciting stuff!

Find Gallerist on their Website and Facebook page!

This blog post is in collaboration with Gallerist App.




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