Hey Sweetie, Here’s a Way to Consume Less Sugar*

There’s one thing that really plagues our lives. Sugar. It’s everywhere and we really can’t avoid it that easily. We probably (well, at least I do) consume way more than I need to and it’s becoming a real problem. I just really love sweets, okay?!

This is where this blog post comes in, Nestle has launched 30% less sugar in some of my favourite sweets! They recently sent me some to try and I’m actually weirdly excited to tell you all about them.

It took two years of extensive research to come up with the recipe for these sweeties, the brand says ‘the sugar removed has been replaced by increasing the fibre content in these brand new versions’. I LOVE the fact they have fewer calories too – I feel way less guilty munching on them now!

I wasn’t sure if they’d taste the same or if they’d just be lesser-flavoured versions of themselves but I was seriously surprised! They taste exactly the same. My mum loves these and I’m glad that we as a family can consume less sugar. It’s mad how much is in food, especially the ones you’d least expect it. Recently I found out how much is in my usual Starbucks order and wow… I’m really surprised!

I actually think I prefer the less sugar version as I really think the flavours of the fruit come out a lot more, especially in the fruit pastilles!

*This is a collaborative post*