Enter the Festive Season with Rekorderlig | How To Swedish Inspired Dinner Party

We’re officially in November, entering the party season and scouring Asos for some new clothes with a hint of glamour for the festive period. It’s time to step up our hosting game and have our friends over (because you know, it’s way too cold to leave the house).

Rekorderlig got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to host my own Swedish dinner party and show what types of food I’d pair the different flavours with. Now, there’s a certain art to Swedish dinner parties so I’m going to talk you through the rules first.

Swedish Dinner Party Rules & Etiquette

  • Never arrive even one minute early, if the party starts at 7pm, then arrive between 7:00 and 7:15.
  • Don’t sit with your partner – the whole point of a Swedish dinner party is to meet people.
  • Don’t sit immediately – whatever you do, stay standing until the host or hostess says to sit.
  • Placement of a napkin is crucial – on your lap only, never around the neck or down a shirt – and should always be placed to the left of your plate.
  • Never refuse food. Some people have special dietary requirements, and they should call ahead and alert the hosts. But they should never ever refuse food. If something particularly ghastly is served up, one should taste a tiny little bit and then tell the hosts that you’re not so hungry.
  • Get your cheers right – don not touch your drinks until you’re told. The host will usually make a toast with a glass of white wine. Not until then should you even touch your drink. Look to the person on your right and say “cheers” or “ska!” and take a sip.

Flavours of Cider

Rekorderlig has always been my cider of choice. It’s refreshing, effortlessly balanced and pure. An amazing quality taste that you will receive time and time again. Usually the drink I will opt for when I’m dining out or at a social gathering. I truly think it is super refreshing and a great choice for anyone.

Strawberry-Lime (4%) flavour perfectly embodies a Swedish summer with the authentic flavour of freshly picked strawberries. It tastes best served cold over ice with a squeeze of lime and fresh mint. It has a sweet finish with a medium body and goes best with balsamic chicken and berry cheesecake.

Wild Berries (4%) flavour is a fresh and juicy cider with the flavour and fragrance of wild blueberries and raspberries. It is a medium body and is pale pink with a mild carbonation. It is a fruity and sweet cider and goes best with shrimp and brie!

A seasonal favourite, Spiced Plum cider (4%) has flavours of plums, cherries and a mix of spices including cloves and cinnamon. It is a rich and fruity experience, it can be served hot or cold and best served with an orange. It is a beautiful deep purple colour and is spicy, warm and fruity. It is suggested to be paired with duck and gingerbread.

The Passionfruit (4%) flavour has the fragrance of ripe passionfruit and an intense tropical flavour, I like it best over ice with lime. It is light bodied, refreshing and crisp with a tropical, tangy and slightly zesty taste. It is best paired with salmon and white chocolate (maybe not both in the same dish though…)

Last but not least, my favourite. Mango-Raspberry (4%). Rekorderlig mango-raspberry cider is sweet and tropical with the intense fragrance and flavour of ripe mango with a hint of wild raspberries. It’s light pink and a medium body with a tropical, zesty and fruity taste. It goes best with smokey pulled pork and creamy cheese – two of my favourite foods!

The Food

For this dinner party, I decided to cook a few different things for the four of us. A white chocolate and berry cheesecake, Swedish meatballs, Smørrebrød (an open sandwich) and camembert with lingonberry dip. I chose these options due to the food pairings as I wanted my food to compliment the cider, and ensure that everything was a great tasting experience. It’s important that drinks are not an afterthought when it comes to food, they should compliment each other nicely and if paired right, the drink will bring out the flavour in the food.

For the white chocolate and berry cheesecake, I made the cheesecake (recipe here) and added fruit and drizzled melted white chocolate over the top. Simple, right? Paired with either Mango-Raspberry or Passionfruit Rekorderlig.

You can find the Swedish meatball recipe here. A classic, staple paired with mashed potato or chips – no Ikea trips needed.

For the Smørrebrød I opted for avocado and tomato, cheese and prosciutto and then mozzarella and tomato. Focusing on the creamy cheese to bring out the taste of the Mango-Raspberry flavour. I loved this course, it acted as my starter and I cut all of the sandwiches up so my guests could have a taste from each. It went down a storm! 

The camembert with lingonberry dip was breaded mini camemberts and I found the lingonberry dip (sort of like jam) in my local supermarket. Such an easy course but it was a lovely one! Paired with Passionfruit Rekorderlig.

So, when will you be hosting your own Swedish inspired dinner party? Let me know your favourite flavour of Rekorderlig in the comments below. Mine is Mango-Raspberry!

I love food and I love an ice cold cider, but please don’t forget to drink responsibly and be aware of how much you are consuming, and absolutely never drink and drive. A huge thank you to Rekorderlig for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to share with you some of my food photography and favourite drink!


Inclusivity is something I’ve always been aware of. See, when you’re born differently you become aware of how the world can be pretty unfair and see it through different eyes. There are just those things that you process differently. It doesn’t matter how you’re different, you just know.

If you didn’t already know, I was born with a facial disfigurement called Cystic Hygroma, which I still have now. It’s super rare and it meant my face was swollen with cysts. Before any surgery, my tongue didn’t fit in my mouth and my left cheek was around 3x the size it should have been. Filled with painful cysts. My tongue still isn’t an average size and I’ll always have cysts in my mouth. Sometimes they swell, especially when I get an infection. Not only did I look different, but I was in a lot of pain as a child and went through a lot.

Growing up, I was constantly stared at. To be honest, I still get it now, (though I do like to think they’re wondering what highlight I have on, not at the fact I’m different). My self-confidence could have absolutely plummeted and I could have grown up hating myself, but I didn’t. I was always proud of who I am and my differences. I’ll never be ‘normal’ or perfect. My flaws do not define me, they only make me stronger.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all easy. I do get days where I just feel as though I don’t fit in or I’m unattractive because I look different. I still get self-conscious of my scar or hate my jaw. There are even days I think less of myself because I’m different, although those days are becoming less occurring. There’s a multitude of things I’d happily change about myself at the drop of a hat but you know, life isn’t like that. We shouldn’t focus on what we want to change about ourselves, just what we LOVE.

And you know what? I love my long, thick hair. My blue eyes, my button nose, my kindness. When I think about it, I have more things I love about myself than I dislike. This is why I jumped at the chance to take part of promoting Boohoo’s All Girls campaign. Promoting self-acceptance and inclusivity. All different types of girls.

If you’re struggling with your self-confidence, no matter what it is or why you’re struggling, I promise it will get better. You really do learn to love yourself, but it’s not an overnight thing. My tip? Stop putting yourself down. The less negativity you think about yourself, the more you start to believe and recognise your worth. Life isn’t about changing yourself and becoming the ideal woman that society tells us to. Life is too short to spend your life constantly wanting to change yourself. We have to love ourselves for who we are, who we were born to be.

View the advert HERE and shop the collection HERE.

A huge thank you to Boohoo for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to hopefully inspire & help some people. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m always just a message away x

Hey Sweetie, Here’s a Way to Consume Less Sugar*

There’s one thing that really plagues our lives. Sugar. It’s everywhere and we really can’t avoid it that easily. We probably (well, at least I do) consume way more than I need to and it’s becoming a real problem. I just really love sweets, okay?!

This is where this blog post comes in, Nestle has launched 30% less sugar in some of my favourite sweets! They recently sent me some to try and I’m actually weirdly excited to tell you all about them.

It took two years of extensive research to come up with the recipe for these sweeties, the brand says ‘the sugar removed has been replaced by increasing the fibre content in these brand new versions’. I LOVE the fact they have fewer calories too – I feel way less guilty munching on them now!

I wasn’t sure if they’d taste the same or if they’d just be lesser-flavoured versions of themselves but I was seriously surprised! They taste exactly the same. My mum loves these and I’m glad that we as a family can consume less sugar. It’s mad how much is in food, especially the ones you’d least expect it. Recently I found out how much is in my usual Starbucks order and wow… I’m really surprised!

I actually think I prefer the less sugar version as I really think the flavours of the fruit come out a lot more, especially in the fruit pastilles!

*This is a collaborative post*