Say ‘I Love You…’

Something we all never do quite enough of… appreciating those around us. It’s hard to remember to say ‘I Love You’ and show spontaneous acts of kindness to those we love. However, there are many ways to show appreciation in our day to day lives. It could be as simple as making a cup of tea for the person you love, or running them a bath for getting home from work. Something that will take just a few minutes, but will leave an everlasting mark of appreciation.

I really need to take my own advice with this, it’s easy to get wrapped up in yourself and the endless list of things you have to do, but you know what they say. ‘Throw kindness around like confetti’. A quote we should all live by. Show kindness to others, and they will show it back. The happiest people are always those who are loved.

My favourite gifts are always the thoughtful ones. The ones that make you shed a little tear or do a little happy dance. I love to receive new pyjamas, soft and warm. Things to help me relax and even just my favourite chocolate. Flowers are my favourite. They not only brighten my room, but they brighten my day when I look at them!

Sad? Flowers. Happy? Flowers. Unwell? Flowers. There’s a reason we buy so many of them a year. They’re the perfect present – have your flowery desires covered and delivered straight to your door.

It’s interesting to see the demographic of flower buyers, isn’t it? And the way we associate red roses with love – and at what time we are most likely to buy flowers. I’m kind of sad to see First Dates so small on that list, step up your game people!

Don’t forget to tell someone you love them today and show them too. Run them a bath, buy them some spontaneous flowers, their favourite chocolate.

And if you’re reading this? I love you! Thank you for reading my blog and the continuous support, I truly do love and appreciate you all.

What’s your favourite way of being shown appreciation?

*This is a collaborative post*



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